Expect the Unexpected – How to Handle Life’s Many Curveballs


Potential Curveballs

Life throws plenty of curveballs at unsuspecting individuals, and overcoming these can be difficult. Some are small, while others are life shattering and may require outside help to overcome the emotional trauma related to encountering such an experience.

Job loss
Those who have encountered this may feel unable to pay their bills and make ends meet. This is an extremely stressful experience; some might feel like they will never find another job they love.

This is always a very difficult time for couples, and is becoming more common as the divorce rate continues to climb. Individuals going through the divorce process might suffer through feelings of depression, loneliness, and fear of the unknown. 

Just about everyone will experience the loss of a family member, friend, or loved one. Thoughts of missing the person and memories can be very difficult to deal with, and often will trigger a lot of emotion.

Unexpected illness or medical issue
This can be overwhelming and very expensive, especially for those who have no health insurance coverage to help soften the blow.

Coping Methods

When facing a problem such as one of these, there are several good ways to cope with the stress and fear. Expressing feelings through some sort of outlet, such as crying, laughing, or even just talking it out with another person, can often result in a feeling of release. Caring for and serving another can also be a great way to get outside of the mind and give to someone else who may be in need. Exercise is one of the top stress-relievers, since it produces endorphins, which help to increase feelings of self-worth and positivity. 

Getting Cash Quickly

Those who are struggling with a financial hardship can also get cash quickly with Plain Green Loans, which offers a lump sum to applicants who qualify. This option can eliminate many of the fears of getting bills paid on time, and customers can feel at ease when choosing a payment plan to repay the money. 

Dodge or Hit

In baseball, a curveball results in two options: dodge or hit. Those who dodge may ignore or avoid the problem, pretending as if it’s not happening and burying themselves in other things. Those who choose to try to hit the curveball are facing the issue head on and figuring out ways to cope with the stress. Are there any other positive ways to deal with stressful situations?


Is it cheaper to buy than rent your home?

For many parts of the country, this is becoming true:

As the national real estate slump deepens, home prices in many cities have crossed a worrisome milestone.

It’s cheaper to buy a home than to rent onein 74 percent of the country’s largest 50 cities, according to the real estate site Trulia — findings that confirm the national epidemic of depressed housing prices remains in full swing.

Trulia’s research, which compared the median list price and median rent for two-bedroom apartments, condos and townhomes in America’s 50 largest cities, found that renting is more expensive than buying in dozens of markets, particularly in Miami and Las Vegas, as well as Mesa, New Mexico, and Arlington, Texas.

Of course, you have to have the credit to buy a home, thus this doesn’t apply to everyone. That said, if you have good credit, with mortgage rates so low, now is a good time to start looking if you want to purchase a home.


8 Sure Fire Ways to Raise Your Car Insurance

Road Trip.

You’re on a road trip with a 19-year-old guy named Joe who’s decided to forgo college to try acting in Los Angeles. He’s had a few accidents and speeding tickets in his old hand-me-down car, and he is not a reliable bill payer. You’re a well-educated 50-year-old married woman who never has accidents, pays her bills on time, and lives in the country with a secure job and no children. 
Joe’s car insurance premium is higher than yours, and it’s easy to see why. But there are other factors that determine how insurance rates are decided. Here are eight things you can do to raise your car insurance rate.

1. Be a Man
It’s not the fault of insurance companies that men are involved in accidents far more often than women are. So until those statistics change, women should just enjoy the little perk of paying lower premiums than men.

2. Be Under 25
Young people, due to their inexperience behind the wheel, are far more likely to be involved in accidents. Consequently, teenagers and young adults often pay higher insurance rates. Maybe middle age isn’t such a bad thing. 

3. Buy a Sports Car or an SUV
That dream purchase you’ve been saving up for is sure to increase your rate. But don’t buy a bottom-of-the-line clunker, either. Chances are, if your grandma would buy it, it will keep your rates low. 

4. Move to a Metropolis
More people mean more cars. More cars mean more accidents. Since living in a big city is considered an accident risk by insurance companies, this means you’ll be spending more money if you like the big city.

5. Speed
Penalties vary, but if you like to put the pedal to the metal, you might as well reach for your wallet at the same time. Speeding tickets raise your auto insurance because drivers who speed often, get tickets and have accidents, which makes them a liability on the road.

6. Drop Out of High School
It turns out that getting an education will do more than help you get a better job – it will help you get better car insurance rates. Maybe you can use this logic to convince your parents to help pay for college – and your car.

7. Don’t Pay Your Bills
If you are demonstrably unreliable, you can’t expect insurance companies to count on you. Your rates will be higher until you can prove you can pay your bills on time.

8. Get in Accidents
Yes, accidents do happen, and if you are unlucky enough to be involved in one, you will see an increase in your insurance rate. It may not appear in this year’s premium, but you will most likely see it on next year’s bill. 

You can’t control some factors – like your gender or age – but other factors, such as slowing down, paying your bills, and making sensible choices when buying a car, will help you keep your insurance rates as low as possible.


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